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Growing up in the countryside, surrounded by the natural world, has deeply influenced my art.


Combined with my fascination for altered states of consciousness, as well as my background in computer science and machine learning, I create surreal and psychedelic digital art that transports the viewer to otherworldly realms using cutting-edge AI technology.

Through my art, I aim to explore the interconnectedness of nature and the human experience, and how technology impacts our relationship with the environment. I believe that AI has the potential to unlock new frontiers of creativity and self-expression, and I'm thrilled to be at the forefront of this emerging field.

Whether you're a fan of trippy art, tech, or just curious about the intersection of nature and technology, I invite you to explore my work and join me on this exciting journey of exploration and discovery.


00052-3109978935-microscopic psychedelic mushrooms, colorful swirls, neon, blacklight, smo
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